5 DAYS | Level 1 Practitioner Training (For your own use)


25 – 29 August 2023


An Introduction to Cacao as a Heart Medicine

  • This course is for your personal use, to develop a deeper connection
  • Including Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Visit a cacao farm, bean-to-bar chocolate tour, traditional Balinese water blessings, complimentary 1kg block of ceremonial-grade cacao


This 5 day training is open to anyone wanting to learn more about cacao, as well as the health & healing benefits:

  • Learn about the history & cultural context of the cacao plant
  • Explore the physical properties of this superfood, raw cacao
  • Work with the energetic & healing properties of ceremonial cacao
  • Learn the elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Ether) and their application with cacao
  • Understand how to work with cacao as a medicine on the physical & metaphysical levels
  • Start working with the power of ritual & intention
  • Learn practical ways to set up your space & prepare ceremonial cacao
  • Practice using cacao for your home ceremony


Cacao Practitioner | 5 Days | Modules 1 to 4

  • 5 x full days in-person in Bali
  • Cacao farm visit (day outing)
  • Artisanal raw chocolate shop visit
  • Experience the bean to bar process
  • Traditional Balinese water blessing
  • History and origins of cacao, and the goddess ixCacao
  • Cacao recipes, preparation methods, and tips from Fran
  • Shamanic approach to learning through animism and nature
  • Daily cacao rituals focusing on the elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether
  • Physiological (including dosage and contraindication) and metaphysical properties of cacao
  • Cacao as a heart opener and how to actualise this through ritual
    1:1 bonus session with Fran
  • All ceremonial-grade cacao and equipment during trainings



  • Individual attention and small group size
  • Cacao Ceremonies to start and end your training
  • 1kg block Ceremonial-grade Cacao to take home after your training
  • 2 x Online Cacao Circles, post-training integration
    Enrollment into our
  • Online Academy to access your modules
  • Additional tutorials & material available online for 9 months


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