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“At UBUD RAW we are passionate about being good to our bodies and good to our planet.”

Made with the best organic cacao beans grown in Bali, all UBUD RAW products are vegan, gluten free, GMO free, with no refined sugar, no preservatives, no chemicals or additives whatsoever.

We are commited to sustainability and fair trade. We buy our cacao beans directly from our local farmers’ cooperative, and we pay consistently higher prices than the volatile commodity market value. We are committed to eliminating single-use plastics, but we also understand that currently available biodegradable materials are not yet capable of replacing plastics for some of our packaging. Therefore we are offsetting our total plastic usage by being the first business to join the Eco-brick Catalyst Program, and are now already removing more plastic from the biosphere than we are putting into it.

Please click here to learn more about Eco-bricks and how you can join us to help save the world from plastic.

Ceremonial Cacao
Made with Integrity andLove

Fresh Raw Chocolate

A revolutionary concept in chocolate: freshly handmade, untempered raw chocolate made from just two super food plants: cacao and coconut.

Organic, vegan, fair trade. So far so good. But what goes on behind the scenes at Ubud Raw Chocolate, and where does our cacao come from?

Just an amazing chocolate; the quality is great and the way how it’s made make the difference; the beans are not roasted but dried : we loved it ! Thanks.
Jerome D- from
I spent one month in Ubud and discovered Ubud Raw at The Yoga Barn during my Yoga Teacher Training- I was instantly in love. Eventually, I made my way to the factory to enjoy my favorite chocolate- the cashew raisin and the cacao shot. The quality of their products is amazing. I even bought some of the ceremonial grade and a few squares to bring back home to the states with me. Thanks SO much, Ubud Raw! My absolute favorite chocolate place in the world!
Chelsea A- from
We stumbled on Ubud Raw Chocolate while exploring the shops on Jl Goutama and what a great find. The signage and modern space was incredibly inviting and the smells as you walk in were amazing. We got a bag of Cocoa Nibs to take home with us and we each had a very tasty piece of Raw chocolate with goji berries and mint that was described as "cooling." Slightly more expensive that you would expect for Bali, but the quality was definitely 5 star!
Shareef B - from
One of the best chocolates I've ever eaten. I wish we wold have this one in the Czech Republic. There are four flavors available, but that's enough!
Soňa Jonášová - from Google Reviews
if You're looking for good chocolate with natural ingredients and natural sweetener, please buy these Ubud Raw..
Fidelis - from
I saw a jar of Ubud Raw chocolates from my villa's mini bar and decided to try it out at the store. This is by far the tastiest dark chocolate I have ever tried. Prices are definitely on the high side but it is worth it. The girls at the store were extremely friendly, explained to me about all the various chocolate and how they are raw, uncooked and handmade.
Slackila Ali - from
A must for chocolate lovers. We had the deluxe hot chocolate and it was very nice!! Very friendly service too!
JR Suarez - from Google Reviews
Amazing quality pure chocolate grown and processed in Bali. Try the chocolate shot.. a chocoholics espresso, bitter and rich. We will be back!
Catriona A - from
I think this raw chocolate shop has the best selection of healthy raw chocolate. They also have vegan chocolate selection. For your first trial, you can buy their testers too. They also provide a cooler bag for your trip
Nola A - from
This store was serving hot chocolate drink with raw chocolate and it's very recommended if you are a chocolate lover. Very unique taste! Also they have friendly staff
Bob Kertopati - from Google Reviews
The girl working here was so friendly and the chocolate was delicious! Well worth a stop for coffee and chocolates here!
Rachel A - from
I have been here many times since last year. If you are a chocolate lover then this place is not to be missed. Pure & Raw bar is one of my favorites. Ubud Raw also sells raw cocoa that you can buy home to make your own cup of hearty cacao. Worth a visit for chocolate lovers and raw friends 🍫❤️
Sabina Ahuja - from
Super chocolate quality. We tried every type of chocolate and they are delicious. Also the place is lovely. You can work from your laptop and gaze at the people passing by. Worths a visit
Veronica S - from
ok, they've done it! healthy chocolate! it's a bit bitter, cause they use little (coconut) sugar, but very nice still. wish they were close to my place...
Kiki Sound - from Google Reviews
Highly recommend tasting this chocolate !!! My favorite not only in Bali but one of my all time favorite chocolate !! Smooth texture and delicious!! Must try
Charlotte M - from
I am a food snob, I teach cooking classes and had a catering business, this is some of the best chocolate I have ever had! It is so delicious and fresh. I just wish I could go tour their factory. I would recommend stopping in!
Reed P - from
Loved this cacao shoppe. The chocolate is just bombastic and lights up your dopamine receptors like no other. Highly recommend.
Lexis A - from Google Reviews
i try not to eat sugary things to much So dark chocolate or healthy snacks normally are my favourites Just while i was walking after dinner i saw this shop and tried their raw caco dark chocolates and they are very delicious. They have different kind of them with figs, nuts, raisins and so on... If you are on a diet but wanted to have sth for dessert i strongly recommend their chocolates😊
Cgdm - from
I have loved chocolate, for all of my 67 years. I like it dark. I like it without any additional ingredients, for I feel that a really excellent, simple quality chocolate can not be improved upon. I do not care for Swiss chocolate, as it is not rich and full bodied enough for my taste. I am not remotely interested in milk chocolate. Ubud Raw's chocolate gets 5 stars from me, because if I never had access to any other chocolate in my life, I would be perfectly satisfied with the plain Ubud Raw chocolate. I have never in my lifetime had a similar love affair. Ubud Raw contains the perfect balance between a rich, full bodied taste and a texture and after taste that leave me totally satisfied.
Jeremy Stevenson Taylor - from Google Reviews
They're on another level. The chocolate is incredible. The cacao butter can be used to make high end skin products. It's an all encompassing chocolate business with high attention to detail. Highly recommended!
Nevin4Sure - from
We were walking around Ubud and stopped at this chocolate store. It’s a nice shop and a great way to try different flavors as they offer you the chance to buy small pieces. For a chocolate lover, do not expect sweet ones but the tasting (ie buying one of each flavor) is definitely worth it.
Eshimoda - from
This chocolate has changed my view how a chocolate should taste. It is a level up comparing anything I tasted before.
Balázs Szencz - from Google Reviews
I am normally sceptical of new healthier alternatives to well known food products but this chocolate was nicer than any I have eaten before with a dark, rich and smooth taste
Joe W - from
Absolutely Delicious!! I wish I could live in Ubud just to have this chocolate. The staff are amazing and explained the process of making chocolate from the cacao pods. If you're anywhere nearby, try this chocolate out.
Caleb Kelsey - from Google Reviews
Incredible chocolate for a more healthy dessert. I got the raw cacao powder and cacao butter and have been making my own chocolate ever since.
Ruwan Meepagala - from Google Reviews
A must do on a trip to Ubud, unlike any other chocolate, so rich and RAW! Vegan and healthy, what a combo for chocolate, went back for a bag goodies on multiple occasions.
daryljburton - from
Divine! Fantastic chocolate like no other. Service superb, including provision of an insulated ice bag for our flight home.
Ed Everson - from Google Reviews
There is only one thing we regret from our visit here - we didn't buy enough chocolate beans 🙂 Very small yet super clean place, you can try the products such as chocolate nibs and beans before purchase. Cocoa butter, chocolate... Everything worth each Rp. That visit made our day 🙂 Good luck, keep your business high cuz we're coming back for more 🙂 terima kasih!
Aggie - from Google Reviews
It's simple, if you like chocolate, especially dark chocolate, go there now and you will be in heaven. The plain was my favourite but they are all delicious and the staff were very friendly and helpful.
Robert M - from

We’d love to hear how you are enjoying our chocolate or cacao. Your opinion matters!

"The name for the cocoa tree is theobroma, which means "food of the gods." I know that chocolate is meant especially for us, however, because the melting point for good chocolate just happens to be the temperature within your very human mouth.


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