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Raw chocolate is made from Raw Cacao Beans that have been naturally fermented, dried but not roasted or heated above 50 degrees Celcius. Raw cacao has the highest antioxidant value of any natural food, and four times more than conventional roasted cacao. Antioxidants provide numerous health benefits, making raw chocolate a superfood rather than a guilty pleasure. 

Use 30-40g solid ceremonial cacao per person. Add enough hot water to melt the cacao into a thick liquid, by hand-mixing or using a blender. Add natural sweetener and/or spices to taste. (Please see the special section for a more detailed recipe, and how to create a cacao ceremony).

Our chocolate is a fresh product that needs to be kept refrigerated. It does not melt completely, but it will become much softer when served in warm climates. Some people prefer it soft, some like it harder from the fridge.

International Shipping

It is possible to ship our Raw Cacao Products overship (Raw Organic Cacao bean, Raw Organic Cacao Nibs, Raw Organic Ceremonial Cacao, Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Drinking Chocolate Powder, Raw Cacao Powder, and Coconut Sugar). Fresh Raw Chocolate is possible to ship overseas, however, since our fresh raw chocolate needs to be refrigerated all the time. The chocolate will turn soft while it’s being shipped. You may put them straight back to the fridge or just enjoy it while it’s soft and creamy!

We will pack them accordingly to be able to be sent overseas. We are not responsible for any damage with the chocolates. 

To avoid creating single-use waste, we sell our fresh chocolate NAKED. For takeaways, we can give you a paper bag, and for larger quantities and distances, we offer reusable containers, thermal bags and ice gel. We also sell reusable Thermal Jars, which keep the chocolate cool for 3-4 hours in tropical conditions (longer in temperate climates). Customers also receive a 25% discount on the first purchase of chocolates inside, and every refill thereafter receives a 10% discount, for life. 

Yes. Many of our customers do this, especially for large quantities. We have thermal bags and ice gel to keep the chocolate cool on the way to the airport, and we recommend putting the chocolate in your checked baggage to keep it cool.

We will send invoice for your order along with our bank details. We accept local bank transfer and Transferwise to settle the payment. An instruction to use Transferwise will be attached along with your invoice.

There is no minimum order to ship overseas, however shipping cost can be a lot cheaper for larger quantities. For more information, please email to

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