Our Story

Welcome to Ubud Raw Chocolate

In 2014, our founder was experimenting with making raw chocolate in his bali home kitchen, looking for ways to combine two healthy plants: Cacao and Coconut. One day around sunset, he discovered what he considered to be the creamiest and most delicious chocolate he had ever tasted!

This was the beginning of UBUD RAW. He designed a logo and after spending just 10 dollars on raw cacao, he made the first kilo of chocolates to sell. With the proceeds he was able to make 3kg, and then 9kg, and so on. This purely organic method of growth has been continued until today. With our entire business funded uniquely by our satisfied customers.

RAW CACAO is rich in magnesium, calcium, and iron. And has the highest antioxidant value of any natural food in the world; four times higher than the roasted cacao found in conventional chocolate.

COCONUT provides a very creamy plant milk. Well Packed with calcium, vitamin D and MCTs, or medium-chain triglycerides. And coconut Sugar has thelowest glycemic index of any natural sugar.

At UBUD RAW we believe chocolate is just too good to be a “guilty pleasure”. Our plant-based raw chocolate is freshly handmade every day from locally sourced and natural ingredients. We support our local Balinese cacao farmers and are committed to sustainability and social engagement. Plenty of reasons to feel good about enjoying our chocolate!

If you agree that UBUD RAW is more creamy and delicious than other chocolate brands, please help us spread the love by telling your friends!